Monday, September 7, 2009

Big change of plan!

Well--- the "carpal tunnel" has us changing our plans. Evidently, Asian carp are a very damaging species of fish, and they are closing in on the Great Lakes. The Corps of Engineers has erected a barrier consisting of an electric charge in the Chicago Sanitary Canal in a place we have to pass. Presently, the only way to get through is to be towed by a Coast Guard approved steel vessel in what they call a "dead-ship tow"--- no electricity on your boat, all batteries disconnected, everything off, including you. Every person and pet must be on the towboat and inside.There must be no contact with your own vessel. The length of the barrier is seven-tenths of a mile. The current cost is $500 per vessel, which is a Great Loop Association discount price. We've decided to keep "Blue Moon" in heated storage up here in Grand Haven this winter until we can see if there are any ill effects on the boats that have been towed through, and also to see if the Corps of Engineers comes up with a new plan in the interim.

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