Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Orillia to Port Severn

To say that the trip here was eventful is an understatement! The night before, we stayed on the wall above Swift Rapids Lock. The outflow from that hydro dam is amazing!! The drop in that lock was 47 feet.Then our next "lock" was the Big Chute Marine Railway. This is a "new-fangled" kind of portage-- carrying a vessel over a small land area to reach the water on the other side. It's usually done with canoes and such.. We drove Blue Moon into a "car" and we were put into slings that held us steady while the car rode over land on rails, and brought us to the other side, and back into the water. We have some pictures of "Y-Knot" a GB36 loaded in the car right before we went. We took some pictures from the deck while we were in the car, and one of the Parcs Canada guys was kind enough to take some pictures of our running gear to check how we're looking. (Fabulous, as usual!) Although, there is a little "swoop" on the leading edge of our starboard prop. All in all, not bad at all!

One more lock, and we're out int
o the Georgian Bay! The rocky part is intimidating, but lack of locks will be nice! Pictures to follow!

Incredible outflow from Swift Rapids Dam.

Y-Knot (GB-36) is on her way from Cocoa Beach, FL to her new home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. After cruising through Lake Superior she will be loaded on a truck for the balance of the trip.

Y-Knot on her way up and over and then back to the water.

This fifty-eight foot cruiser is coming off the railway on the return trip.
Amazing that the railway can move such big boats!

Here we are at the top of the railway.
I'm trying to be cool. So far, so good.

Here we are traveling down hill back to the water. (Still being cool.) I resume breathing as soon as we resume floating!


  1. very interesting blog! thank you for sharing!

  2. As the current owner of Blue Moon I really appreciate reading your blog. - Larry Dodge