Saturday, July 18, 2009

Peterborough Lift Lock

Here we are, approaching Peterborough Lift Lock. We had to wait about an hour while they repaired a valve. OK by me-- if we're getting into that, I want it in perfect condition! The "drill" was this--there was a gate at the entrance to each "pan." We drove our boat into the lower chamber, (locking up) when the gate lowered, and once we were in, they raised it behind us.

Here we are, entering the lift chamber (140' x 33'). We tied to a rail at the side of the chamber. Note the hydraulic ram under the chamber on the left. It provided a very smooth rise. When the gate closed behind us, they added one foot of water to the other chamber- and the added weight of the water lowered the other chamber, and raised the chamber that we were in. And the ride up is FAST. It was over before I could faint!

And then, there we were at the top, after being raised 65 feet! They opened the gate, and out we went. We turned around to look, and couldn't believe it. I know it's trite to say, but it IS a marvel of engineering. It was built over 8 years... 1896 through 1904.

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